Introducing Persephone's Pipes

Apr, 2019 by Cannabiz Wholesaler

At the recent Champs Trade Show Persephone’s Pipes launched their inaugural collection of pipes for women.

In the smoke shop world products made for women are dramatically under represented. But the revolution is coming and it’s going to be led by women. “Where men value functionality women want something beautiful.” said Dan Morris, Founder of Persephone’s Pipes. “Our goal is to create annual collections of art that will find a place in any home. “


Persephone’s Pipes have also reimagined how smoking should be done with a woman in mind. Pipes by their nature are difficult to hold and awkward to set down. Bongs are easy to hold but deliver too powerful of a hit at one time. By welding a dry pipe onto a hollow pedestal base, Persephone’s Pipes have married the advantages of each. The hollow interior is also a perfect spot for holding matches or a small stash. As smoking becomes more socially acceptable a woman is going to want to be standing around the pool or the fire pit, and while her friends hold their beers or wine glasses, she can comfortably hold her pipe. At the end of the evening she can, throw the pipe in the dishwasher and then display it on her bookcase or coffee table. Designed by a woman…meant for all women.

Product is available May 1st, 2019
Persephones Pipes, LLC
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