Palmer Retail Solutions

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Palmer Retail Solutions

Strong Client Retention
The Hallmark of Success

The Palmer Retail Solutions company today, a long-standing family owned business in Fraser, Michigan, is unrecognizable from its roots as it has drastically evolved from its original business established in 1970. The company has grown over the years from an acrylic fabricator into a diverse designer and producer of branded point of purchase merchandising displays and a large scale producer of retail turn-key fixture programs. Growth in businesses also means expansion of space, starting out as an acrylic supplier to the foodservice industry operating in a single 5,000 sq. ft. facility, Palmer has become one of the industry’s leading furniture producers and encompasses close to 200,000 sq. ft.

The initial metric for success has, however, not strayed too far from its roots. James Palmer, President of Palmer Retail Solutions, describes it this way, “The original plan was to strive to consistently offer our clients the best combination of innovation, value and service. In looking back on our success over the years, the metric we often refer to is our client longevity. We believe that strong client retention is the hallmark of a successful company. In our case, the majority of our clients have been working with Palmer for ten to twenty years.”

Wireless Industry and Cannabis:

The growth and product focus changes of Palmer Retail Solutions are exciting and dynamic. Through the years, they have developed into the largest provider of retail fixtures on a national basis for the wireless industry. Their products are seen in virtually every Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile, and Verizon stores. They have developed a proprietary method which allows them to fulfill client stores virtually on-demand. Their success supporting the national wireless carriers provides an excellent launching pad for their entry into the exciting cannabis industry. The parallels between wireless merchandising and that of Cannabis, in many ways, are striking. With both industries, the products on display are of high value and have a strong need for the customers to interact with the products, while at the same time must be secured. Additionally, both industries thrive with a well laid-out floor plan that is tailored to their respective industry. The cannabis industry brings additional hurdles that need to be overcome in the form of regulatory requirements. The effective cannabis store fixture design and layout achieve the regulatory objectives without interrupting the sales order process.

In reality, Palmer Retail Solutions is much like two companies under one roof. Their evolution from a branded merchandising provider into a comprehensive fixture producer allows them to support both retailers as well as industry suppliers. This unique combination helps their designers become immersed in the industries which they support. On the merchandising front, as the CBD industry matures and the industry suppliers find increasing amounts of competing brands, the need for well-designed, well-branded in-store displays will become paramount. Palmer can support those needs by producing product specific merchandising displays from a variety of materials to help the growing supplier base develop their unique brand images. In the fixture design/production side of the business, they will be helping retailers, both single and multi-unit chains, outfit their stores with high quality professional fixture packages and well thought out planograms to help them optimize their success.

Palmer has developed a broad array of pre-engineered cannabis/ CBD relevant fixtures which can be deployed in a scalable manner to support various store footprints and which can be produced in a number of natural and “earthy” laminate finishes. The library of stock elements will become the foundation of the dealers’ store package. There are two significant distinguishing characteristics that materialize with their business model: Outstanding overall value and quickness to market. The typical project will utilize a combination of Palmer’s pre-engineered designs along with certain custom elements to stamp their unique fingerprint in their store design. The turn-around time from the opening consultative client meeting to installation will be approximately eight weeks. The typical project cost with the blend of stock and custom solutions is estimated to be well under $50k for an average sized store.

Potential clients can obtain an electronic catalog of the currently designed fixture elements. The catalog can be downloaded by a link on Palmer’s webpage www.palmerretailsolutions. com. Palmer has an outstanding staff of experienced ambassadors that make the order process quite easy. According to the President, there is no middle-party to consider, “Our philosophy has always been to sell our products directly to the end-user whenever possible. We enjoy working with our clients directly and feel that the direct relationship delivers the best results.” Further he explains, “Palmer Retail Solutions really understands its clients’ industry and delivers products that will help our clients generate success. We have always subscribed to the philosophy that our success is predicated 100% on the success of our clients, and the better job we do for our clients, the better we do in the long run.”
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