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Mar, 2017 by Cannabiz Wholesaler

Nearly every edible connoisseur will likely have a similar response when asked about edibles. They are a fantastic way to consume cannabis and enjoy the benefits it provides through a tasty snack, providing an excellent alternative to traditional smoking. The only problem is, they can be expensive to purchase, and homemade edibles can be either inconsistent in potency or just a hassle to make. Many novice home cooks can feel easily intimidated by the daunting task of making their own cannabis butter. The Easy Butter Maker solves all of these problems with one simple device! In only 10 minutes, anyone can make their own edibles such as cannabis butter and feel confident they will have a quality cannabis infused ingredient to cook any delicious dish they can come up with!

Michael Solomon became one of the Easy Butter Maker’s biggest fans when he discovered what a great product it was, and soon realized that they couldn’t keep up with the demand of their orders. The owners had other businesses and not enough time to keep their inventory stocked. That’s when Michael had the idea to purchase the company. He quickly was able to increase stock and begin expanding the Easy Butter Maker Company. The company’s main goal is to provide great customer service and help people get the medication that they need. Michael can be seen at his booth at upcoming Champs, ASD, BIG, and High Times Shows in 2018.

The Easy Butter Company is also excited to announce their new products. They will be offering a complete CBD line including a cosmetics line for skin and haircare, and a Healthy CBD Pet line with treats for pets, paw repair cream, and even CBD products for horses! Michael first became interested in CBD products for pets for his own dog’s eye inflammation, and after seeing the effectiveness it had on his own dog, he realized it would be beneficial for all kinds of animals. The large polo community local to Boca Raton, Fl. convinced Michael that he could offer a line of products specifically for horses. Who would have thought about helping horses’ anxiety and muscle pain with CBD? Well Michael did, since he’s made it his personal goal to help more people and animals of all kinds the best way he can.

One astonishing fact about the Easy Butter Maker is how fast it can churn out that cannabis butter! In under 10 minutes, one to two sticks of butter can be infused and ready to use, which is a huge difference from the other products. Another highly desired function of the easy butter maker is the ability to create a different level of potency, by rerunning the same mixture up to 3 times for increased concentration. Thanks to the efficiency of this device, it requires less product to make the butter and can make smaller batches at a time for convenient home use. The cherry on top is that after you’ve had your fun making the butter, its super simple to disassemble and clean! Many people are surprised to hear that it costs just $49.95. The Easy Butter Company is also proud to offer all of their customers free shipping and a limited lifetime warranty.

Since joining the industry with the Easy Butter Maker, Michael has seen a greater demand for his products along with a need for more education in the marketplace. He is happy to be contributing as much as he can to educating customers and helping make medicinal cannabis more accessible to those who need it. If you need any inspiration when it comes to cooking and baking tasty dishes with cannabis infused butter or oil, you can visit their website at www.easybutterco.com where tons of mouth-watering recipes have been submitted by satisfied customers. Perhaps you will even want to submit your own recipe!

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