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Dr. Richard Staack is the founder of DouleuRx™ and is considered to be one of the leading CBD scientists in the USA. He has been perfecting bioavailability and absorption rates on nutraceuticals for 10 years, and his proprietary water-soluble process with nanotechnology delivers the best results in the industry.

With a PHD in Biochemistry and Toxicology, and a background in the dietary supplement business for pharmaceutical development, Dr. Staack took his expertise and lent it toward CBD research and development for the past eight years. His proprietary method stabilizes the watersoluble injecting method, delaying the oxidation process which improves the bioavailability of the product. This process performs better than any other on the market and is driving product development for DouleuRx.

Chuck Miller, Vice President of Sales at DouleuRx, came from a 35 year background in consumer goods, working with large companies such as Pepsi Co. Miller created a retail packaging solution for CBD products, priced within the appropriate categories, and developed a line with a low cost of entry to products for the CBD market, such as single serve and ready to drink products. He devised a plan to develop and introduce CBD products to consumers seeking to try CBD products through mainstream channels like coffee shops and grocery stores.

Established in October 2018, DouleuRx is one of the few companies that can make the claim that their products are fully traceable “from seed to retail shelf.” DouleuRx sources hemp from certified organic farms in the U.S. and uses its proprietary science to manufacture products in FDA-certified facilities. DouleuRx products are available in a variety of delivery mechanisms from topical creams and gel caps to tinctures and shots. DouleuRx topical cream was recently chosen by the Illinois Chiropractic Association as the recommended CBD cream for pain management, through clinical trials done by their organization. DouleuRx was the clear winner, beating 10 of the top national brands. Franco Harris, four-time professional football national champion and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is an investor/partner and an active proponent for the industry-leading DouleuRx portfolio of THC-free CBD products. Harris has become an integral member of the product development and marketing team, contributing to the product expansion plans for the brand.

“I have been proud of my two-decade career in the NFL,” said Harris. “Awards and championships aside, that amount of time on the field takes its toll on your body. I have never experienced relief like the DouleuRx products provide, but in addition to results, the DouleuRx products are backed by proven science, undeniable quality and top tier leadership. I believe in these products so much that not only do I use them, but I’m also proud to share them with my friends and family.”

The inspiration for the DouleuRx brand name comes from a translation of the French word for “pain,” which is Douleu, and of course, RX is Latin for “recipe.” Pain management being their top priority, DouleuRx is a brand that people can trust, because their products are backed by science and they deliver results. The DouleuRx team produces a branded portfolio and is also collaborating with industry-leading consumer brands seeking to include CBD as an ingredient in their existing portfolios.

For more information about partnering with DouleuRx, you can meet the expert team behind DouleuRx at upcoming trade shows such as Supply Side West, CBD USA Expo, or visit their website at

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