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Address: 420 W. Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA 19333
367 S. Henderson Rd, King Of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: (215) 876-0420 (Devon) | (484) 581-7189 (King Of Prussia)
Website: www.keystoneshops.com
General Manager- Jason Mitchell

Keystone Shops first opened in February of 2018, the official month of legal medical marijuana sales in the state of Pennsylvania. Keystone Shops currently have 2 operating locations in Devon and King Of Prussia, with a third location opening soon in Philadelphia. The company, Keystone Shops, was founded in April and May of 2016, so they have been a running organization for just over 2 years now. General manager, Jason Mitchell, and some members of his team come from Colorado, the first state to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. Mitchell is someone who has been in the industry for a long time and brings a lot of knowledge to his new shops in Pennsylvania.

Keystone Shops likes to say, ”Patients Are Paramount!” Patients come first and foremost at Keystone Shops. The staff will stop at nothing until a patient is accommodated and satisfied to their every need. Medical marijuana has been known to help people suffering from cancer, Crohn’s disease, nausea, etc. The patients are the driving force to build, develop, and enhance a great medical program through the utilization of marijuana. Keystone Shops welcomes eligible patients of all ages, assisting patients under the age of 10 and over the age of 90!


Address: 4425 Valley Rd, Enola, PA 17025
900 Wayne Ave, Chambersburg, PA
Phone: (717) 562-7758 (Enola) | (717) 251-2321 (Chambersburg)
Website: www.organicremediespa.com
President/CEO: Eric Hauser

Organic Remedies opened their doors on February 16, 2018, the first day of medical marijuana sales in Pennsylvania. Organic Remedies currently has 2 locations: Enola and Chambersburg, with a third location opening by the end of the year. The founder of Organic Remedies is Jaime Toigo, who has a Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE) Certification.

The goal of Organic Remedies is to simply help patients live happier and healthier lives. Hauser says, “The mission of our caring, patient focused team of healthcare professionals is to deliver a unique healthcare experience focused on our patients and their symptom relief. Patients, caregivers, and certifying physicians will be actively involved in patient care.” Organic Remedies has patients of all ages, ranging from 2 to 94 years old, and treats all types of diseases and disorders such as autism, chronic pain, opioid use disorder, etc. “ We are dedicated to unlocking the therapeutic benefits of marijuana through research. We exist to improve the health and wellness of our patients.”

All sales must be made to the patient or caregiver in the Organic Remedies shop. Their products range from vape oils, THC capsules, edibles oils, transdermal patches, creams and lotions, and newly introduced flower after taking longer to become legalized than concentrates. Flowers are being sold by the 1 gram, 3.5 grams, and 7 grams.

“Our vision is to deliver a clinical approach for the utilization of medical marijuana that is patient focused, collaborative, and outcomes based,” Hauser stated about Organic Remedies.


Address: 260 Broadway St, Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (720) 390-7804
Website: www.peakmj.com
Manager: Leisa Cole

Peak Dispensary opened in August of 2014. Colorado began legal medical marijuana sales in January of 2014, with Peak becoming operational just months later. They have been around for 4 years now and have have created an energetic and inviting atmosphere inside their shop. Peak is located in Denver’s historic Baker District, right in the Green Mile. Peak surrounds amazing food and music cultures in Denver as well.

Peak looks to create the ultimate cannabis shopping experience for their patients. The staff at Peak are all very knowledgeable individuals with an enthusiasm to help customers come in feeling welcomed and leave feeling overjoyed. No matter the age or experience of the customer, they are all treated with the same respect and happiness and will always feel as if they belong. Peak allows its customers the best possible options when it comes to selection, and all products have been tested by the staff to ensure a patient or customer receives what is best for them. Peak also has a passion for teaching their customers about the marijuana industry. Anything they may want to learn, the staff is glad to answer their questions.

Peak provides a vast array of products to choose from. They have over 500 of Denver’s top cannabis products, so there truly is something for everyone even if that means having to search to find it. Peak Dispensaries sells flower, edibles, extracts, tinctures, pre-rolls, topicals, and all possible gear such as rolling papers and vaporizers. They also feature over six named brands of concentrate and infusion laboratories. Purchases can be made both in store or online. Shipping and delivery can additionally be made to anyone residing in the state of Colorado.


Address: 957 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: (251) 999-2980
Website: www.restoreiwc.com
Manager: Rob Stanley | Assistant Manager: Becky Koval

Restore Integrative Wellness officially opened on May 30, 2018. Restore Integrative Wellness is located in Fishtown, Philadelphia and is the first operational medical marijuana dispensary in Philadelphia. Restore Integrative Wellness is within walking distance from both Girard Station and Spring Garden Station and is also accessible via I-95 and I-76. A second location in Elkins Park will be opening before the end of the year.

Restore Integrative Wellness is all about catering to every patients’ every need. The staff is focused on their patients first and always, never resting until they are satisfied and happy. In fact, “Dispensing Happiness!” is the company’s main slogan and can be seen on the back of everyone’s shirt! Restore Integrative Wellness likes to build a culture and atmosphere focused on hospitality. The staff can always be found in great spirits and ready to help all certified patients who walk through their doors. The goal is to have each patient feel comfortable and welcomed while receiving the best possible treatment for their needs. All eligible patients, regardless of age, are encouraged and allowed to shop with Restore. Assisting patients in their childhood years and patients over 80 years old!

Restore Integrative Wellness receives all of their products from available growers in the state of Pennsylvania. Restore Integrative Wellness offers a wide variety of products and strains for their customers, taking more on as it becomes available. Restore sells THC concentrates, vape cartridges and pens, tinctures, capsules, topicals, sprays, and flower now that is legally allowed to be sold in Pennsylvania.

Restore Integrative Wellness likes to inform and educate the world on the growing medical marijuana industry. Do not be surprised if you see their company conducting workshops, lectures, setting up stands at festivals, and reaching out within the community!

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