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Boundless Technology was founded by a core group of close friends and cannabis vape enthusiasts. As of today, Boundless is comprised of a team of 7 members backed by one of the most trusted and prominent manufacturers for cannabis vaporizers, Smiss Technology.

Since being established in November 2015 in Ontario, California, the goal was to provide an affordable and efficient cannabis vaporizer for new users and connoisseurs alike. As users of the products themselves, the Boundless vision was inspired by the intention of producing a line of units for a variety of different user preferences. Understanding that not everyone has the same tolerance or preference, they took this ideal to create a product line-up that would suit either the micro, or macro dose user. At its inception, Boundless was focused on manufacturing vaporizers for e-juice as well as dry herb. Over the past few years, their priority has shifted to only focus on vaporizers for cannabis flower and concentrates. The unit line has grown from 2 to 7 models, all with unique features and heating styles that aim to efficiently vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes from the users’ product. With the growing knowledge within the industry about terpenes and cannabinoids and their different benefits to the body, Boundless aims to aid consumers in discovering these benefits for themselves by offering cannabis users 21+ an alternative way to consume cannabis from traditional combustion methods.

When ingesting cannabis through a joint or bong, the consumer is inhaling smoke and the heavy molecules that are found in that smoke. This can lead to a buildup in the form of black phlegm and a nasty cough. Portable vaporizers allow users to heat the product, be it herbs or concentrate, to an ideal temperature that preserves cannabinoids and terpenes. With the Boundless Technology line-up, consumers can finally experience what they have been unknowingly burning away. These vaporizers allow the consumer to savor the flavonoid molecules that allow both a pleasant taste, and for the cannabinoids to react with the body, creating an ultimately therapeutic experience. Boundless Technology products such as the CFX, the Tera, or the CF-710, are engineered to heat your product to the ideal temperatures needed to enjoy your herbs and wax, with no burning guaranteed! The most popular product for 2 years running is the CFX. With a 20 second heat up time, a large digital display, and the freedom to choose any desired temp up to 430F, the CFX is regarded as one of the fastest and most efficient portable devices in the industry at just $179.99 retail.

In a world where technology has no bounds, Boundless Technology is proud to present their newest unit, the CFC LITE! The CFC LITE features the power and efficiency reminiscent to their bigger units like the CF and the CFX units, but in a smaller, more portable fashion. CFC LITE fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can easily be concealed. This extra portable device features a removable 18350 battery for charging convenience, as well as three preset temperatures which can easily be set by holding down the power button for a duration of three seconds. Since this device utilizes a conduction based heating system with a ceramic heating chamber, the user can enjoy the pure flavor of the herb’s cannabinoids and terpenes without using combustion- leaving a vaporized product without any ash or carcinogens. The CFC Lite is the most affordable Boundless product, which retails for just $64.99. It was designed and priced with an aim to introduce smokers to vaporizing with an affordable price point. In addition to being discreet and affordable, the CFC LITE was created for ease of use. With this smart vaporizer, no button activation is needed.

Once the device is turned on, an automatic 5-minute “session” will begin once the vibration feature indicates optimal temperature has been reached, and the user is free to draw as much as they would like during the session. Another vibration will indicate the session has been completed and the device will automatically power down. The exterior design features textured grooves and ridges which provides a stable and comfortable grip that also keeps the device cool to the touch. Its ceramic heating chamber can fit up to 0.4 of a gram of ground up herb. It is rechargeable via 2 options: USB or on an external battery charger. The 18350 battery that is compatible with the CFC LITE is also made available through Boundless. Anyone who needs a reliable unit that is fit for travel, guarantees to provide quick and discreet relief that is easy to load in a variety of situations will absolutely love the CFC LITE!

Boundless products and brand are distinguished by their commitment to bringing an affordable and efficient product to their customers and community. Boundless offers help and service to their customers across multiple platforms including all social media channels, forums such as and They also host weekly live streams that feature public Q&A’s and demonstrations of the units live. They frequently hold social media giveaways to allow users who can’t afford the product a chance to win a new one. At Boundless Technology, they believe it is important to give consumers an equal opportunity to try their products. They feel that the direct and grassroots B2C approach has helped them establish a reputation of being transparent and open to the community. Boundless also greatly values their B2B relationships with distributors and wholesalers by collaborating on content creation and promotions as often as possible.

At Boundless, looking to the future is imperative to anticipate the always evolving needs of the market. This is why they are already on top of plans to upgrade their highly popular CFX unit to an improved version 2; which will offer extended battery life, more customizable features, a programmable session timer, general design updates, extra mouthpiece cooling, and more! To see the brand new CFC LITE in all its glory this year, check out Boundless Technology at the upcoming Champs Trade Shows in Las Vegas, Spannabis, or at MJBizCon in Toronto and Las Vegas. For distribution and wholesale inquires please email or you can visit their website at or call them anytime at 1-866-355-7061.

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At $65, the CFC Lite is within most budgets, and you no longer have to sacrifice quality to give vaporizing a try. It’s small enough to go anywhere you want, with replaceable batteries for those of us that want to vape a lot. The CFC Lite is a great vapor ambassador for the curious, and also good enough to find a spot in an experienced vaporist’s lineup as a compact option.

The Boundless CFC Lite is a vaporizer you can truly hide in your fist. This tiny vaporizer has a length of only 10 cm with an inconspicuous look and reassuring feel. A sturdy portable vaporizer you can easily take with you on any outing. The CFC Lite is a little powerhouse which heats up in no time and is unbelievably easy to use. With its minimalistic design and ergonomic grip it, the vape feels comfortable to the touch. Just see if you can let go of it!

The Boundless CFC Lite truly is a fistful of vapor. The smallest Boundless vaporizer yet is easy to hide but packs a punch. Are you looking for humble vaporizer you can use everywhere? A quick draw on the street, a social hit with friends down at the coffee shop or a bit of green courage on the slopes? It’s all possible with this little fellow. The ceramic chamber and isolated air path produce some very consistent vapor, both in flavor and temperature.

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